Loris’passion for music began when he was a kid, in ’79, with his first approaches to mixing using simply a cassette player and a radio. A few years later he made his first live attempts: in ’82 playing drums with a couple of friends, in ’87 with guitar and voice for the first live concerts with a rock- blues cover band, and later on with a funky & soul band. From ’93 until ’98 he had his first professional experiences with a “midi” duo and as DJ support and vocalist in local clubs.

In ’98, with the advent of CD players for DJs, Loris decided to choose the path of DJing. At that time he proposed a variety of genres ranging from drum&bass to 70s funky, from rock to house, and within some time he became resident DJ in some alternative regional clubs (Arengo Disco, Matisse, Discofraska, ecc).

From 2004 until 2010 Loris focused his DJing activity on electronic dance music, starting with house and progressively moving to Techno. During this period he played in clubs, both in Italy and abroad, and also worked with worldwide known DJs like Sharam, Chris Liebing, Spiller, Autotune, Miss Yetti, Tom Clark, Woody, Alessio Bertallo, Paolo Barbato in several European cities including Rome (Alibi), Barcelona, (ON Music Club) Slovenia (Ambasada Gavioli, Marco Polo) and others.

In 2010, though, his enthusiasm for the techno scene started faltering; this “crisis” made him want to start looking for a new musical experience and led him to the kind of music he is currently proposing: a sort of “New-Funky” with a variety of heterogeneous contaminations, a genre that takes inspiration from the past but is at one time new, expressing the synthesis and evolution of his past experiences and, most of all, almost unknown to the “dancing” public. This new field has revived his enthusiasm and rekindled his passion for music, and it is here that he is currently concentrating his artistic energies.